I am so happy for you and your partner taking this massive step in life together. Your wedding day is going to be one of the most incredible days of your whole life and I would love to help you make it the happiest celebration you've ever had with each other.

I'm guessing that because you're here on my site you're looking for a wedding celebrant in Perth or a wedding celebrant in the South West of WA? You're in the right place. I am happy to travel to your desired location, mainly because I absolutely love this beautiful state we are living in and I'm always keen for an adventure.

I love, love, LOVE weddings! There is something so magical about two people who love each so much they want to stand in front of their friends and family to say, "Hey- I want to be your ride or die partner and I ain't afraid to tell nobody."

Picking the right marriage celebrant is super important... why? This is the most incredible moment of your life (bar the exception of welcoming little versions of yourselves into your world) so please - pick a wedding celebrant who will be able to set the tone of the kind of celebration you want for YOUR wedding day, not some one who is cheap.

Your wedding day needs to be a reflection of you and your partner... not your mum, your maid of honour or even your best friends' sisters' dogs' cousin..... YOU and YOUR PARTNER. Your wedding ceremony sets the tone for not just the big party you will most likely have straight after you've tied the knot, but in your life. I want you both to look back at this day and think how amazing were your vows, how much love you felt for one another and how much love/ support you felt from every guest at your wedding.

Get excited

I am!

Amy xx