T + C's

Terms + Conditions 

I know, I know... it's all super boring BUT especially during this time where things have been pretty unpredictable- I just want to be absolutely upfront about the terms and conditions of your booking with me so there's never any surprises. 

Booking Fee

When you decide to book your date with me I will issue you an invoice for a non-refundable booking fee. This reserves the date and the time for you and your partner so that no one else can can have that time. The invoice is due for payment within 7 days from the date of issue, failure to pay within that time frame may result in another couple being able to secure that time slot. Honestly - it rarely happens but it has happened. Please make sure you give me your correct email details and that you check your email thoroughly - in case it ends up in your junk mail!

PAYMENT SECURES YOUR BOOKING. This booking fee includes the lodgement of your Notice of Intention to Marry (NOIM). The non-refundable booking fee will not be refunded if the wedding is cancelled or postponed. I will help you find a new celebrant and transfer the NOIM to another celebrant if I am unable to be the celebrant on your revised wedding date. 

Remainder of Fee

This is due no later than four weeks before your actual wedding date. If the wedding is cancelled with more than 2 weeks notice- I will refund the remainder of the fee paid (at no time is the non-refundable booking fee refunded) 

If the wedding is cancelled with less than 14 days notice- you will forfeit 100% of the invoiced fee. 

If the wedding is postponed - and I am available to still do the wedding then no further charges will be invoiced to you. Your payments will be held in credit until they are ready to be used. 

Ceremony Starting Time 

I arrive half an hour before your ceremony starting time (15 minutes if it's a legals/ registry style wedding). I allow for at least half an hour for the ceremony starting to finish. I will quietly pack away at the end, say my good byes and slip off like a ninja. I may have another booking after yours so starting at the agreed time is important. 


GST is not applicable 

What Happens If I Can't Be There

We are all human- however in the three years I've been doing this I have never missed a single wedding. If in the extremely unlikely event I can't make it on the day- I will organise an amazing celebrant to fill in ready with the legal paperwork and the wedding ceremony that I have created for you. You won't need to organise anything- it will all be taken care of. I have a cohort of more than 50 incredibly supportive and super fun celebrants I can call upon (it goes both ways) so rest assured your wedding ceremony will still be absolutely awesome.